crnogorska vina


Thank you for visiting the Winery Bogojević web site. You can absolutely reserve a tasting for any date, and I will be there to greet you and introduce our wine and history. Before you book, I would first advise you about several options because we have two locations:

1) One is Winery and vineyards in our village Stanišeljići, about 30 minutes drive from the capital of Podgorica. However, we usually host lunches / dinners and larger events, not just tastings. We call this "true Montenegrin experience", because it shows how the Montenegrins lived, introduces the history of the old Montenegrin region (the so-called "Nahija"), except that it tastes all our brandy and wine, and several courses of the traditional Montenegrin meal. The main dish is lamb with vegetables (or just vegetables if vegetarian / vegan guests) baked in an open stove for 7 hours. After the meal guests will visit the vineyards, the nearby hill for a view of the Skadar Lake and only the village. Price is 50 € per person. Minimum of four people.

2) For tastings, with wine we always provide small delicious Montenegrin appetizers, but we must know in advance all the possible restrictions in the diet because we want everything to be perfect for you. Tastings are done in our gallery Bogojević wine, in Rijeka Crnojevića (once a very important shopping center of the old Montenegro) near Skadar Lake. It would also be a perfect excuse for enjoying the lake! The price is 20 - 25€ per person, depending on the number of persons.

If you have any further questions, feel free to send an email at any time. Our team and I will do our best to respond in time and facilitate all your needs.